Easy Treasure Box Designs that You can Make with Your Kids at Home

Aug 4th
treasure box designs 945
treasure box designs 945

Treasure box designs, you may ask why you need one? If you have kiddos, then you’ll understand how this treasure box can help them to manage their things. Or else, if it is for you, then you can treat it in the same way. Indeed, it is easier to buy a treasure box at crafty store, but for this time, why don’t you try to make it by your own or with your kids? Though, it is depending on how you design the box, making your very own treasure box is pretty easy and so much fun. There are two ways to design a treasure box, you choose whether you design that treasure box with felt or patterned and colorful duct tape.

What You Need for Treasure Box Designs

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Say that you tend to design a treasure box with duct tape, you will need; duct tape with distinctive colors and patterns, utility knife, shoebox, cutting board, x-acto knife, and ruler. Meanwhile, if you prone to design it with felt, be sure to prepare; felt with color that you love, glue, template paper, scissor, box, pin, fabric paint, marker/pencil/pen and some others based on how you will design the box.

How to Design Treasure Box

If you dislike extra work, a treasure box with duct tape is recommended. To make one, make a hole atop the lid of the box. Then, you need only to apply duct tape of your choice all over the box or only certain place of the box. You can apply some different colors or pattern to make it more attractive. Next, you better neat the cut. Making it more personal, glue your kids name. Designing a treasure box with felt, once you choose its background color, you can move to the template that you prefer. Then, you can glue that templates to certain area of the felt, and you’re done.

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