Great Innovation from Cascade Designs for Outdoor Activity

Sep 9th
design one cascade
design one cascade

Cascade designs can be your choice if you like outdoor activity. This company can be one of the best company that can provide you with all kinds of outdoor gears. There are many great innovations made by this company. Some of the great inventions are Term-a-Rest and Platypus. Those two inventions are so useful for the hikers and people who love the outdoor activity.

Term-a-Rest, Innovation from cascade designs

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Camping mattress is one of the necessary equipment if you are having a camping or outdoor activity. The mattress will be the place where you sleep. It can provide you comfortable place to sleep or take a rest. In this case, good mattress should not be heavy, so it can be brought easily. Furthermore, it should be effective to provide comfort when you have been tired and you need to take a rest. In this case, the Term-a-Rest is the great innovation. This camping mattress is made from airtight nylon fabric and polyurethane foam. Those composition provides you with comfortable sleeping mattress. This mattress is also easy to use because of the use of valve and the foam. To use it, user only need to open the valve and air will make the mattress ready to use.

Other Inventions from Cascade

The Term-a-Rest is not the only invention of Cascade Designs. There is also Platypus Cleanstream Gravity Filter. This innovation can be very necessary because this invention deals with water. Surely, water is very important in the outdoor activity because it is not easy to get clean water. In this case, this invention works well in filtering the water, and user does not need any additional devices to filter the water. Another invention is the MSR Reactor Stove System. This stove is special because the stove can stand in any conditions. The combustion system provided by this stove enables the user to boil the water in any conditions. Surely, this is so useful.

Term a rest innovation from,

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Other inventions from cascade,

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