Paper Airplane Designs that Can Fly Longer

Aug 4th
the best paper airplane design
the best paper airplane design

Paper airplane designs are really many. During times to times, people tend to create new design for the airplane made from paper. At least, someone already had one time experience with airplane from paper. We really know this craft from paper really well, especially during our time as an elementary student. Back then, we love to create the nicest airplane from paper. After that, usually people will fly it and compete with each other about which airplane that can fly longer than the other.

Easy Paper Airplane Designs

15 Picture Gallery: Paper Airplane Designs that Can Fly Longer

There are many designs for airplane from paper. Those designs enable the airplane from paper to fly longer. Here are some of the best designs for the airplane from paper. First is the Nakamura Lock. The creator is remaining unknown. This design enables your airplane from paper to fly in the indoor area up to 80.5 feet. It will fly around 8.91 seconds. Amazing for airplane from paper, right? Next is the Balcony Bomber design. This design invented by another anonymous person. The Balcony Bomber design enables your airplane to fly up to 79, 5 feet in length. It will fly on the air around 8.97 seconds. The Balcony Bomber is better than the Nakamura Lock in term of the time.

The Most Common Design for Airplane

However, the design that people is commonly use is the Phoenix design. This design invented by John Collins. The Phoenix design by Collins enables the paper airplane to fly until 64 feet. It also only can fly in the air around 7.21 seconds. The Phoenix design is shorter on both of the length and fly time compared to the Nakamura Lock design and Balcony Bomber design. Despite of the fact, many people is still using this design. This design is really common among people, so they are prefer to use it rather than other design that can fly longer.

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