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Simple Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Cupcake decorating is not something hard to do. That is because you can use many things to decorate the cupcakes that you bake, even though many of them are related with the toppings only. However, all of those nice looking toppings can be used as the ice decoration for the cupcakes that will attract a lot of people’s attention. Here are the simple ones.

cupcake decorating baby shower

cupcake decorating baby shower

Cupcake Decorating Using Emoticons

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Using the emotion icons or the commonly known emoticons can be one easy way to decorate your cupcakes. You can add the smile icons, the sad icon, the cry icon, and many other icons on the top of the cupcakes. With this simple idea, you will have the better-looking cupcakes. Some people might choose your cupcakes because of their personal emotions at that time.

Plant inside the Pot Cupcakes

Another nice idea that you can try for the cupcake is leafs. If you are using the topping that looks like a leaf and the holder that looks like a pot for your chocolate cupcakes, you can make sure that the look of your cupcakes will totally similar with the plants inside the pot. However, you will need to prepare the special topping that looks like the leaf if you want to have this kind of cupcakes separately.

Plant inside the pot cupcakes,

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