Wooden Pressure Treated Decking

Sep 11th
pressure treated wood and vegetable gardens
pressure treated wood and vegetable gardens

Pressure treated decking is the important thing if you want to have terraced house. There are many materials which can you choose to make the durable decking, such as stainless steel, iron or wood material. However, wood is the common material for using on your terraced house. The wood material can be the durable if you can treat it well and it also cannot harm your environment while you use it.

How to seal and stain the pressure treated decking

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After you have been using the decking for a long time, it definitely gets the dirt effect from the stain, so you should remove the staining first with the clean water. You can also use a brush to clean the dirt wooden deck, but do not give the highly pressure, because it will damage the wood. After make sure that the wood had already clean from the dirt and dust, then you should let the surface of wooden deck dry well. Net, if the deck had already dried, you can continue it to smear the seal oil to make it looks shiny.

Tips to keep safety decking

First, to keep save your body, you should use gloves when you want to touch or handling the wood, then you also should wash your hand before you eat or drinking because the chemical liquid will harm yourself. Second, you also should use the safety goggles when you want to cutting or sanding the wooden. Do not treat the wooden inside your house, because the chemicals liquid will harm the others, it should be outside your house.

How to seal and stain the pressure treated decking,

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Tips to keep safety decking,

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